Video Help

Video Help

Video: How to checkout and pay properly.

To view larger, click the "YouTube" icon on the media player.
SMART PHONE USERS: Please turn your device horizontally.
Please also read the "cookies" instructions below this video.

Tip: DO NOT use auto-fill to enter text fields if you are having issues.


NOTE: When attempting checkout, please ensure that your computer OR mobile browser's internet settings are set to: "Allow Cookies." If your browser is currently set to "Block All Cookies", then the data you enter in the cart will not submit properly. uses cookies for user authentication during login, maintaining application state while the user is logged in. See individual browser troubleshooting information below:

    INTERNET EXPLORER: Tools > Internet options > Allow Cookies

    FIREFOX: Preferences > Privacy > Allow Cookies

    CHROME: Preferences/Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Allow Cookies

    SAFARI: Preferences > Privacy > Allow Cookies

    MOBILE PHONES: Settings > Select the Browser > Internet Options / Privacy > Allow Cookies

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